Risks to your home and business are very real and come in many forms. The Electronic Security Systems are built to provide Surveillances to Homes, Offices, Organizations, Public places, Railway & Bus stations, Airports etc. Also, they are involved in catching up the aggressors even if they have reached up to protected assets. These equipment’s or systems are mainly invented and implemented to assist physical security people to do their duties effectively.

To tackle these threats, Zinq offers comprehensive security and business risk management solutions addressing the key issues of security and risk management, personnel workflow and business continuity.

Zinq combines the world leading Technology to deliver Seamless and Security Safety Systems to Consultants, Integrators and End-users. These electronic components can perform flawlessly under rigorous conditions, twenty-four hours a day, incorporating cutting edge design and engineering; playing a crucial role in the protection of people, assets and infrastructure.

At offices and other workplaces, one see the need to safe guard lives and property from both internal and external threats. As workplaces become more sophisticated in their use of technology, communications and IT infrastructure, they become more vulnerable to losses of valuable business data, equipment and information.

Industrial losses, due to pilferage, sabotage, theft and negligence are dramatically rising. At all points in the supply chain, especially in warehouses, distribution centers, factories and transit hubs- the need for constant monitoring of the movement of materials and personnel is the need of the hour.

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